2022 World Poker Tour Viewers Guide

2022 World Poker Tour Viewers Guide

The 2022 World Poker Tour is now in progress. The initial two occasions of the year, the Lucky Hearts Poker Open and the Spring Festival, have proactively been finished. Then, the WPT is making a trip to the Netherlands for the DeepStacks Amsterdam occasion on March 29th.

Fanatics of the WPT Main Tour should sit tight a short time longer for the following competition. The second occasion of the twentieth WPT Main Tour is the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in April. It is booked to happen at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood.

The twentieth period of the World Poker Tour could be one for the ages. Brian Altman is only one significant win away from tying the unequaled record. Outside of the WTP Main Tour, there are a lot of invigorating competitions on the timetable. We will likewise audit a few changes to the WPT lately.

What Is the World Poker Tour?

The World Poker Tour is an extended series of competitions that happen all over the planet. It began in 2002 and immediately rose in prominence as an option in contrast to the World Series of Poker.

Official World Poker Tour occasions happen consistently, however not every one of them count toward the Main Tour rankings.

Correlations are regularly made between the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. In any case, the two are totally different. As far as one might be concerned, the WSOP has been around over thirty years longer than the WPT. Occasions in the WSOP likewise commonly have bigger pots than those in the WPT.

WPT competitions might have lower payouts, however they additionally have more affordable purchase ins. The lower cost of WPT occasions make them more available than most WSOP occasions. They likewise ordinarily have less contenders, so your possibilities winning cash are higher.
Numerous experts actually contend in the WPT Main Tour in spite of the lower payouts. That is to a great extent because of the opportunity to win the WPT Player of the Year grant. Dissimilar to different brands, the WPT considers a player’s exhibition over time. Many individuals contend that the WPT framework gives a more exact positioning of the best poker players on the planet.

Who Is Playing in the 2022 World Poker Tour?

Part of the enchantment of the World Poker Tour is that the low purchase in sums take into consideration simple passage. Nonetheless, just the main portion of the visit has been declared, so foreseeing the full program is inconceivable. All things considered, we should agree to taking a gander at a portion of the players who have previously won occasions this season in the WPT.

The early season pioneer in the 2022 WPT Player of the Year race is Alexander Yen. The Main Tour has just had one occasion up to this point, which Yen won. His triumph at the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open gave him 1,400 focuses., pushing him into the lead position. It is right off the bat in the season, however Yen is as of now 250 focuses in front of the following player.

Anton Wigg sitting simply behind Yen with 1,150 places in WPT’s Player of the Year rankings. Wigg set second at the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker 카지노 Open in January. He has contended irregularly in the WPT throughout the last ten years. Nonetheless, he had just acquired a sum of 225 WPT focuses preceding this season.

Yen and Wigg are the current leaders, however the majority of the WPT Main Tour is still to be played. Last year, Brian Altman, Balakrishna Patur, and Jack Hardcastle all completed in the main 3. Altman in the end left with the Player of the Year grant in the wake of adding up to 3,200 focuses.

What number of Events Are on the World Poker Tour?

In past seasons, the WPT Main Tour would start in the schedule year and stretch into the following. In any case, the COVID-19 pandemic postponed piece of the eighteenth season. Presently, the twentieth WPT season seems ready to be played totally in 2022.

Up to this point, just twelve or so occasions have been reported for the 2022 World Poker Tour. Be that as it may, only three of the occasions booked up until this point will be essential for the WPT Main Tour.

The Main Tour started off with the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open in January. Next up is the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in April. The third occasion will be the WPT Choctaw occasion in May.
Last year, the WPT Main Tour had 20 complete occasions, so a few additional competitions ought to be added to the timetable in the long run. Outside of the Main Tour, the WPT additionally has three occasions booked for the WPT Prime series. The primary WPT Prime occasion is booked for the finish of May. The WPT will likewise infrequently have extraordinary occasions, like hot shot competitions. Last year, they had 10 extraordinary occasions however none have been reported at this point for 2022.

Past World Poker Tour Champions

Toward the finish of every World Poker Tour season, the WPT generally has the WPT Tournament of Champions. The last competition has gone through a few name changes throughout the long term. For the initial eight seasons, it was known as the WPT Championship. The principal individual to bring home the title was USA’s Alan Goehring.

In its 10th season, the WPT changed the name of the title competition to the WPT World Championship. The primary victor of the competition under its new name was the USA’s Scott Seiver. He prevailed upon $1.6 million in the last competition.

World Poker Tour Table Game

After five seasons, the title game was renamed again to the WPT Tournament of Champions. Morocco’s Farid Yachou turned into the principal individual to win the competition under its new name. Sadly, the pandemic has wrecked the title competition lately. The last individual to win the WPT Tournament of Champions was Germany’s Ole Schemion in Season 17.

The first WPT Championship was available to any player that was ready to follow through on the $25,000 purchase in cost. After the poker blast began to decline, the WPT diminished the up front investment cost to $15,000 beginning in Season 14. That season was likewise the year title competition was renamed the WPT Tournament of Champions. To fit with the new name, the competition is presently simply open to players who win a WPT Main Event.

What Are the Prizes for Winning the World Poker Tour?

Anybody who has played poker has longed for betting everything and winning large. For players on the World Poker Tour, those fantasies can turn into a reality. Similarly as with other competition series, players get to keep their rewards from the singular competitions. They can likewise win prizes for their triumphant the Player of the Year grant and the WPT Tournament of Champions.

The WPT Championship competition has one of the greatest purchase in costs among WPT occasions. Subsequently, the last award has been upwards of 1,000,000 dollars multiple times. Sadly, the decrease in poker’s fame has harmed the award cash.

Diminishing the up front investment sum and restricting the field of players has likewise made the award cash go down. Ecuador’s Carlos Mortensen won the greatest pool in season 5 at $3.97 million. The latest victor, Ole Schemion, just brought back home a great award of $440 thousand. Victors of the title competition additionally get their name added to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.
The WPT Player of the Year is an alternate monster completely. To bring back home to pined for grant, players should procure the most Player of the Year focuses consistently. Focuses are granted in light of players exhibitions in competitions consistently. For example, winning a competition with an award pool of more than $10 million will procure a player 1600 focuses. Any player that completions in the cash gets focuses.

Last year, Jacob Ferro won the honor notwithstanding not winning 카지노사이트 a solitary occasion consistently. On top of the Player of the Year title, players in the main 3 likewise acquire a WPT identification. The international IDs range from $5,000 to $15,000. A player can utilize their identification to as a substitute for following through on the up front investment cost at a WPT competition.


The World Poker Tour is one of the greatest worldwide poker occasions every year. As well as going after a shot at the WPT Champions Cup, players strive for the Player of the Year title. For refreshes all through the WPT season, look at our week after week Poker writes each Friday.