Senate Approves Gambling Bill in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Senate has approved a bill that will see gambling 카지노사이트 expanded in the state, including online gambling activities.
All week we have stayed on top of the latest developments when it comes to a gambling  expansion for Pennsylvania. First, two committees in the Senate passed H 271, a bill that would see the state expand gaming in several areas, including online options. Once the bill passed within the two committees, it moved on to a full senate vote. Now, it seems the Senate has approved the measure and the bill now goes back to the House to be reviewed as amendments have been included.
Latest Victory
All week, the gambling industry of the state have seen small victories. The latest came when the State Senate decided to approved the measure 38 to 12. The bill includes several areas of gaming 바카라사이트, such as a fix to the casino share tax and how such funds should be distributed. The bill will now head to the House where additional changes can be made.
It is believed that the House will change a tax area of the bill in regards to online gaming. Currently, land based gaming venues of the state pay 54% in taxes on slot and table games. The online operations would also have this same tax amount. This is considered quite high and it would not be surprising if the House decides to change the rate to a smaller percentage.
Casino Share Tax
One reason the bill may be moving forward so quickly  온라인카지노 is due to the local share assessment casino tax. Lawmakers had until today to come up with a solution to ensure that local municipalities are paid a percentage from the casinos in the host areas. Back in September, the local share tax was ruled as unconstitutional and lawmakers have been trying for months to find a solution to the matter.
Senator Dan Laughlin voted YES for H 271 stating that the measure establishes a fee structure that is considered to be uniform for each casino regardless of the net revenues each year and should be able to meet the conditions that were set by the court back in September in regards to the tax.
Will the Bill Change in the House?
Ryan BizzarroNow that the House is set to review the measure, further amendments can be made. However, we do not know when the bill be reviewed by the House and what exactly will take place. Representative Pat Harkins and Representative Ryan Bizzarro have decided that they will be voting for the measure in its current state and choose to see the bill move forward.
According to Bizzarro, he plans on endorsing the measure as it addresses the local share options and believes the changes are critical to the community at large. If the deadline is missed, areas of the state will not suffer initially as payments are not due for a few months. In many cases, the gaming venues have decided to continue with payments despite the fact that the law has been voided.
Casinos that have decided to continue with payments want to help their community. They see that the money goes towards programs that help the locals, including police and education programs. However, some venues are not helping their fellow neighbors, including the Sands Bethlehem. The Sands venue has no plans to make payments until they legally told to do so. This does make the operator look bad in the eyes of the community but they seemingly are not bothered by appearances it seems.
New Jersey Online Gaming Revenues Surpass $20m Again
New Jersey The online gambling industry of New Jersey continues to thrive, with the $20 million mark surpassed this past April.
Online gambling is lacking in the United States, with only three individual states offering options to enjoy casino or poker gaming online. New Jersey is one such state that offers both casino and poker options online and has seemingly become the top provider of such gaming in the US. With operators including the Tropicana, 888, WSOP, Borgata and more, it is no surprise that the state has been able to do so well when it comes to online gaming.
Pushing past the $20m mark
The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has released the details involving the gaming revenue totals for online casino and poker sites of the state for the month of April showing that $20,822,026 was earned. This is the second highest monthly total for the state since online gaming began in 2013. This was also the second time the state was able to see the $20m mark surpassed two months running. In March, the online gaming industry of the state was able to come in at $21.75 million, which is the current industry record.
Online Casino Numbers
For April, the online casinos of New Jersey earned a total of $18,853,649. This is a 3.3% decline when compared to March totals but is actually a flat representation of earnings due to the month having less days than March and the industry actually set a record that month which is unusual. When putting aside the totals from March, the online casinos of the state were actually able to see more revenue earnings in April than any other month in the history of their online gaming offering. The amount is actually $2.3 million more than ever earned.
The month of April also saw a record set by an online operator. The Tropicana AC online casino was able to set a new revenue record for the second month in a row. The online operator has remained consistent, setting up quality earnings but within the past two months are surpassed the $3 million mark. In March, the operator earned $3.86 million while April produced a whopping $3.94 million.
A Look at Online Poker
While the online casino industry of NJ is seemingly booming, online poker is not doing so great. It seems poker games have not been as popular online as slots and table games. For April, online poker was only able to generate $1,968,377. This is the first time the industry has earned under $2 million, going back as far as summer of last year.
When looking at comparisons, April year-over-year revenues were down 23.9% while month to month saw a decrease of 12.6%. However, when looking at YOY totals, it is important to note that April of last year marked the month when PokerStars was in business for a full month, so larger numbers are no surprise.
Back to casino gaming for a moment, the Golden Nugget was the top performer, earning more than $5 million in monthly revenues for April. This is the third month in a row that the operator has been able to surpass the $5 million mark. Remarkably, the operator was able to pull in just over $6 million in March, an overall good month for online gaming in the state.
It is expected that online poker numbers will be up when the May revenues are revealed. The online poker sites are going to be offering BLAST on the WSOP/888 network while PokerStars will be hosting the NJSCOOP. READ MORE